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At the heart of QIAGEN’s business is a vision for making improvements in life possible. We deliver on this promise by providing differentiating Sample to Insight solutions that help our customers to unlock valuaschble molecular insights encoded in the building blocks of life.

Some of the great challenges facing the world – issues of life and death, health and disease, continuity and change – find their causes in the near-infinite diversity of genomic molecules that serve as the building blocks of all life. Scientists, doctors, lab directors and other professionals committed to answering life’s questions look to QIAGEN for solutions in molecular testing.

QIAGEN is known to more than 500,000 customers around the world for our innovation, engagement, integrity, quality and passion. This identity creates relationships for our global team across the continuum from research in the life sciences, to molecular diagnostics and public safety applications in everyday use.

Our mission is to deliver Sample to Insight solutions enabling QIAGEN customers to unlock valuable molecular insights faster, better and more efficiently – from the raw biological sample to the final interpreted result. 

QIAGEN is committed to making improvements in life possible.


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Irvine, CA/USA

GeneTex is a multinational antibody manufacturer with 25 years of experience producing immunological reagents for biomedical research. The company maintains a broad range of primary antibodies in polyclonal and hybridoma-based monoclonal formats, but now prioritizes its robust recombinant monoclonal antibody production platform. A core focus area of GeneTex’s catalog is molecular virology, and the company has established an extensive portfolio of highly validated and cited reagents against flavivirus pathogens, SARS-CoV-2, influenza viruses, Ebola virus, hepatitis viruses, HIV, enteroviruses, and human papillomavirus. New products against emerging infectious diseases, RSV, VEEV, Chikungunya virus, and porcine viruses are being continuously developed by GeneTex.


Logo Seegene Germany

Seegene Germany GmbH


Logo altona Diagnostics GmbH

altona Diagnostics GmbH


altona Diagnostics is a medical diagnostic company that develops and manufactures in vitro diagnostic tests for the PCR based detection of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or parasites. Headquartered in Hamburg-Altona, Germany, altona Diagnostics is privately owned and employs more than 350 people worldwide.


Logo Genetic Signatures Ltd.

Genetic Signatures Ltd.

NSW Newton/AUS

Genetic Signatures improves patient care with innovative multiplex PCR solutions, underpinned by patented 3baseTM technology. Automated diagnostic workflows enable laboratories to employ syndromic testing to accurately screen for a wide range of infectious diseases in a single test. Results are delivered within hours, compared to days for traditional methods, supporting appropriate infection control and patient management.


Logo Particle Metrix

Particle Metrix

Inning am Ammersee/DE

Particle Metrix has made a name as innovative manufacturer of nanoparticle tracking analyzers. We specialized in the characterization of extracellular vesicles, exosomes, liposomes and viruses, using both scatter and fluorescence-based methods. The focus is on determining the size and concentration as well as measuring zeta potential of particles in the nanometer scale.


Logo Spindiag

Spindiag GmbH 


Spindiag's goal is to provide rapid test results easily: The Rhonda PCR platform enables reliable infection control at the point of care in well under one hour. 
The product portfolio currently includes the following PCR tests:

  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Respi: SARS-CoV-2 (DT), Influenza A/B, RSV
  • MRSA

Discover Rhonda:


Logo Takara Bio Europe

Takara Bio Europe


Takara Bio Europe is a subsidiary of Takara Bio Inc., who offers a wide range of life science solutions under the Takara™, Clontech®, and Cellartis® brands. Key products include synthesis kits for a variety of applications, including NGS, high-performance qPCR and PCR, stem cells solutions, cloning system, gene editing tools.