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Organisational remarks

University of Ulm/University Hospital Ulm 
Helmholtzstraße 16/Albert-Einstein-Allee 11 
89081 Ulm 

28-31 March 2023 

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Stamminger 
Medical Director 
Institute for Virology 
University Hospital Ulm  
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11 
89081 Ulm 

Thomas Stamminger
  • Jan Münch
  • Stefan Kochanek
  • Frank Kirchhoff
  • Jens von Einem
  • Christian Sinzger
  • Konstantin Sparrer 

The deadline for abstract submission is 8 January 2023. 

Accepted abstracts will be included as free papers or posters in the programme. All accepted abstracts will also be published in the abstract book. 

The official conference language is English. 

In order to be able to present the content of these sessions also to our foreign-language guests, we recommend to create the presentation slides in English. 

The conference will be accompanied by a specialised industry exhibition. Interested companies are requested to contact Conventus for more information. 

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