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Abstract submission

Thank you for your interest in the 34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology which will be held in Hamburg.
Abstract submission is possible from September 2024.

Main topics

Thank you for submitting your results from research and practice on the following main topics (from September):

  • Adaptive immunity
  • Antiviral therapy and resistance
  • Complex model systems and novel tools
  • Diagnostics and clinical virology
  • Entry and egress
  • Epidemiology and public health
  • Infection of the immunocompromised host
  • Innate immunity
  • Pathogenesis and persistence
  • Viral replication strategies
  • Structural virology
  • Systems virology
  • Vaccines
  • Veterinary virology
  • Virus-host interactions
  • Zoonoses and epidemic threads


The abstracts will be published as usual in the digital abstract book, which you will receive at the conference.